Printing on fabric: most used techniques and advantages

Printing on fabric is one of the main forms of expression in the world of design. You have probably noticed how he manages to create, hand in hand with color, an infinite variety of shapes and designs that range from the most subtle and delicate to the most daring and fun screen printing portland.

Prints on fabric give life to a wide variety of garments. Whether you print on natural fabrics such as: wool, linen, cotton and silk; or in synthetic fabrics such as: spandex, polyester or nylon, we tell you what you should take into account in textile printing and what are the most used techniques.

What to take into account when printing on fabric?
In order for the designs printed on clothing for advertising to have a good finish, be durable and comfortable, it is necessary to take into account several aspects such as: the type of garment, the use that will be given to it, the design itself and the most suitable color for the fabric of the garment on which the print will be made.

Printing on fabric will depend largely on the type of garment you want to print , since printing on a t-shirt is not the same as printing on a cap, bag, etc. Why? Because they are made of different fabrics and you will not use them in the same way or with the same frequency. Hence, within our catalog, you have different options, as is the case of the Keya textile brand .

For example, cotton is one of the most noble and versatile fabrics , it allows you to choose different printing techniques because it is extremely absorbent and flexible, which is why, as you already know, most t-shirts are made of cotton.

It is very important that you keep in mind the frequency of use and, consequently, the number of washes that the garment on which you want to make the print will require.

If you want to make a print on fabric, you must know how to choose the design to print, keeping in mind details such as the relief and the size of the print. It is equally important that you take into account how the combination of the colors of the design will look on the color of the garment, so you will be able to create a striking but harmonious contrast.

Most used types of printing on fabric
It is essential to know how to choose the most appropriate printing technique according to the fabric, the print design and the garment on which you want to print and whether or not it is for promotional gifts. That way you can convey ideas and feelings while obtaining a resistant and long-lasting design or print.

Sublimation printing on fabric
To print with the sublimation technique, you only have to print the design you want to transfer to the garment on the paper and then iron it on it . This technique is very simple, but at the same time it guarantees prints with a good finish and quite resistant to use and washing. It is important that you keep in mind that the quality of sublimation printing will largely depend on the quality of the inks you use.

Direct printing on fabric
With water-based ink and a printer a little similar to those you traditionally use to print on paper, but with a special configuration, you can print hats, hats, other kinds of accessories and all kinds of clothing . With this technique you will have a range of design options and color combinations. However, it requires a little practice to avoid damaging the clothes.

Screen printing is one of the most used types of printing on fabric for commercial purposes, this is mainly due to the fact that thanks to the chemical composition of the inks used, greater fixation of the design on the fabrics is achieved . The quality of the pigments also guarantee brighter colors for much longer. This is an excellent option if you are looking to promote your company.

Advantages for your textile printing business
Probably, now that you know the types of printing on fabric that are most used today, you want to use it for your company’s merchandising and this is an excellent option, especially because of the advantages it offers.

Without a doubt, printed garments are one of the most used advertising tools today to create original company gifts . Thanks to the different techniques for printing designs on fabric, many brands worldwide have managed to make themselves known and position themselves among the first places in the market.

The vast majority of inks and other materials used in printing designs on fabric are environmentally friendly . For example, personalized bags promote the habit of recycling, therefore, printing on fabric is an effective and economical way to make cheap promotional gifts while taking care of the planet.

Another great advantage of textile printing for your business is that it helps you develop and maintain a feeling of loyalty towards your services and products. So if you print some clothing items or accessories, such as caps or t-shirts with your brand logo as gifts for your clients and users, you will create affection and loyalty towards your brand.

Likewise, by printing uniforms you will generate a more professional , united and coherent image. Likewise, your employees and the entire work team will develop a sense of belonging to the company. On the other hand, with this strategy your brand will be distinguished from the competition, so that your customers can easily identify it.