1. Forget friends, customers, acquaintances, etc.

If you want to hire a good lawyer you should hire a professional in the field and not friends or acquaintances. That is the first big mistake made in Spain, hiring friends or acquaintances. The Judge is not going to take into account your “friendship” with the lawyer and you can find that in addition to losing the Judgment you lose the “friendship” that binds you to that lawyer or to who has recommended it criminal defense attorney rockford.

2. Meet with several lawyers before hiring

From our experience we can tell you that you should contact several professionals to be able to compare valuations. If you are looking for a good lawyer, it is always advised that you meet with several Lawyers before hiring and expose your case. Best law firms in Spain.

3. Beware of the first free consultation

Consultations made to good lawyers are paid just as you pay for consultations to private doctors. Lawyers, like private doctors, have invested time and money in acquiring knowledge that makes them stand out from others and that knowledge is not shared for free. If a lawyer offers you the first free consultation there may be other motivations behind such as lack of experience or clients who trust them.

4. Don’t be guided by impressions or appearances

You are going to hire a lawyer, a subject matter specialist, not a catwalk model or a humorist who animates your birthday party. Remember that the Judge will take into account exclusively Legal criteria and his sentence will focus on those legal reasons.

5. Request a previous quote or a so-called Custom Sheet

You are going to hire a professional and he will be happy to tell you in advance his fees or on what he bases them and write a contract in which they consist. Request a so-called “Custom Sheet” for your and your lawyer’s safety. At no time should your lawyer be offended by asking to know the fees. Well done seems good.

6. There are no free lawyers

All lawyers charge for their services in one way or another since it is a liberal profession and it is exercised to obtain a benefit. If a mechanic charges you for fixing the car and a plumber for fixing the broken pipe, what makes you think that a lawyer will work for free?

7. The Office Shift Attorney will charge you

Choose your trusted lawyer since the Office Shift Lawyer is not free. If you do not meet the criteria to be granted the so-called Free Justice, the Lawyer of the Shift will send your bill and the amount thereof will correspond to the criteria established by the Bar Association. If you are charged by a lawyer from the Office Shift that one you choose, why are you going to stay with the Office Shift?

8. A cheap lawyer could be very expensive

In the Courts of Justice if you lose the Judgment they can impose the so-called “Judicial Costs” for which you will have to pay your cheap lawyer and the lawyer of the opposite party. For example. It may happen that you have gone to trial with a “cheap lawyer” and lose the trial. The opposing party has gone to trial with an “expensive” lawyer and won that trial. Well, the opposing party will not only not pay your expensive lawyer but you will pay your cheap lawyer and the expensive lawyer of the other party.