Ten tricks to sell your house better

In the first three months of this year, 4,593 homes have been sold in Euskadi, 80% of which are second-hand. These figures are the best in recent years – in the country as a whole, there were no similar results since 2011, according to the Registrar’s College – but, despite this apparent change in trend, most of these operations are still a small ‘triumph’, something worth celebrating by uncorking a bottle of champagne and throwing confetti. Definitely, the times when you only had to hang the ‘sell’ sign and sit and wait for offers, so, without getting upset, the crisis took them home buyers houston.
Currently, for someone to take an interest in a property – let alone take the big step of acquiring it – you have to work it out. And resorting to all the possible tricks: it is not about cheating, but about enhancing the virtues of our house. Only this way will it stand out in that maremágnum of real estate portals that the Internet offers, where potential buyers make a first screen, and will fall in love with those who decide to visit it. How is the crush achieved? There is a practice of real estate marketing called ‘home staging’, something like ‘staging the house’, which offers guidelines to improve the appearance of the house incredibly by making a small investment. “It is a practice that comes from the Anglo-Saxon culture. Here, as with many other things, it has been difficult for us to adopt it, “says Manuel Gandarias,
“Before everything was sold. Not now. That’s why a good image is fundamental. And what many people do not know is that, often, just a few small changes that make a huge difference, “says Joana Aranda, director of Casas a Punto, a Home Staging company with headquarters in Euskadi and in four other communities. As indicated, from 300 euros you can hire a professional. In fact, there are studies that indicate that retouching can make a difference in the sales price of up to 15%. These are some of the tricks that experts use to change the look of a house and make it more attractive.

1. Goodbye to sad photos

To advertise your home it is imperative that the photos you show are of quality and highlight your strengths. A good framing or adequate lighting work miracles. It is the first claim, which will give rise to a visit or not. That is why it is not understood that many times we see photographic disasters that stop perpetrated by the seller’s worst enemy. Rioted rooms, with lowered blinds, poorly made beds … in the network there are many ‘houses of horrors’. If you cannot get the services of a professional, look for someone with good hand for photography or strive a little, because you have to be aware that you are playing

2. A capita de pintura, santo hand

It is an excellent way to give a fresh and ‘new’ air to a house. Better opt for light and neutral colors -white, light gray-, which give a feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness and, moreover, are the taste of almost everyone. Then, to animate the set, small details are added in the decoration of bright colors (a vase, some cushions …).

3. You have to ‘depersonalize’

When a potential buyer enters your home, you should see yourself living in it. This feeling, according to experts, usually occurs in the first seconds. For this reason, your collections of ‘Star Wars’ dolls, your honeymoon photo, your football trophies and the crafts of your children should disappear, however much you find them endearing. Your house is no longer your home: it is a commercial space. I did not forget it.

4. Cleaning

It may seem like a truism. Who does not clean well the house that has for sale when they come to see it? Well, you would be surprised. “It’s fundamental. It has to be clean, “says Aranda. Any trace of dirt can ruin the operation. “When someone goes to a job interview, it’s clean and tidy, right? Showing your best appearance Well this is the same, “he explains.

5. Smells that kill … or sell

As it is that the first impression is good (if not, there is nothing to do), the smell is a fundamental issue. If you have a pet, you must eliminate its olfactory presence. Ventilate the house well so that it does not smell closed or food. If the buyer perceives any unwanted smell, it will be against. For the smell to be pleasant, some property agents recommend making coffee or baking something, so that the sensation upon entering is positive. Eye with strong air fresheners, can also produce rejection. “It’s about creating a cozy atmosphere and playing with the senses,” says Manuel Gandarias.

6. Outside tackle

You have to order. Many times the houses seem worse than they are for the profusion of things that have ended up accumulating here and there as if by magic. Maybe we have become accustomed and we no longer notice his presence, but the truth is that they take away space, give a sense of disorder and recharge the environment. So, without mercy: saved stuff. You have to clear as much as possible. “You do not have to trust that the buyer is going to make an effort of imagination to see the possibilities of space that you show him if he takes things away or changes something. He is not going to do it, Gandarias warns. So you have to make it easy ».

7. Move furniture

If necessary, get rid of those that are not worth it and make the whole thing look bad. And those that remain, place them so that there are large areas of passage. The excess ages the rooms and darkens them. But do not leave the rooms empty, because they give the feeling of being small and that does not work either.

8. Winning light

When entering a house, one of the first things that the possible buyer will look for is light. Therefore, we must try to enhance it as it is. If there is good natural light, take advantage of it (shutters above, open curtains if they are thick) and, if not, resort to the artificial one, with points of warm light distributed throughout the house. To gain luminosity, remove dark carpets and textiles-from the sofa, from the beds-and replace them with other clearings. If the sofa is old, some claritas covers can ‘save’ it and give it a fresh touch.

9. Fix the flaws

It is not about embarking on a major reform, but it is convenient to fix small damages – cracks, moisture stains, a broken plug …-. It does not cost much and prevents the buyer from trying to win by grabbing those mistakes. The bathroom and the kitchen are especially important. If the tiles are outdated or not in good condition, give them a coat of special paint. The change is brutal. “In the end, people have to understand that it is an investment. And, for very little money, the results are very remarkable. It is sold before and at a better price, absolutely guaranteed “, Gandarias sentence. Some reports say that an investment of 1,000 euros means a difference in the sale price of 5,000 to 6,000.

10. Those little taps, a plus

The house is already clean, tidy, repaired … How can we make it even more beautiful? Well with a few simple details that give the final touch. For example, a vase with flowers, a plant, some new towels in the bathroom or a small reading corner. “There are even companies of ‘home staging’ that put replicas of works of art,” says Gandarias. According to the director of the Office of Studies of Pisos.com, “although these things should not be the most relevant – it is clear that what is decisive are the square meters of the house, the house as a whole and other structural elements .  the truth is that small things have a huge importance.

Tips to sell your house as soon as possible

Announcing your apartment in real estate portals makes it easier for you to get in touch with potential buyers. Prepare your home for visits and get it right with an appropriate price are key factors home buyers houston.
Although you firmly believe that you will live forever in the house in which you currently live as an owner, your situation can change at any time. It may be the case that they offer you a job with excellent conditions in another city and have to move. Nor can you rule out the fact that your family is expanding and you need a floor with more rooms for children to have their own space. That is when you may face the prospect of selling your home, a process that is not always as fast and easy as it should be.
However, today you have at your disposal very useful tools with which you will be able to shorten the times and sell your property without losing your patience or your nerves. From real estate portals in which to advertise your home with great detail, to professional services that will do all the work for you. In pisos com we want to help you so that the operation develops without surprises and within reasonable margins, that is why it is important that you take note of these tips.

1. Set a market price

The price is one of the main filters used by the potential buyer. Everything that is above your budget is discarded. It is essential that the sale price that you put into your home is in line with the reality of the market. You must be aware that the current situation is far from that experienced years ago, in addition to controlling your emotions and not establishing a price based on purely sentimental criteria. If you have doubts, it is best to make an appraisal.

2. Good photos and sincere description

You cannot miss the online showcase that real estate portals offer you. However, you should be aware that you cannot advertise your home in any way. Your ad will gain in effectiveness if you accompany the description of the property with good photos, taking care of the lighting and presenting collected stays. You do not need to use a professional camera, since today’s mobile devices are perfectly capable of taking excellent images. Also worry to describe the floor correctly, indicating its surface, equipment, orientation and any additional elements such as elevator, garage, garden, terrace, common areas, etc.

3. Track

Once the ad has been published, you do not mention the error of unattended and sit down to wait for calls and emails. Real estate portals provide statistics about visits to your ad. If you see that many people come to your ad, but you have few contacts or these are not quality, it is possible that information about the property is missing or that the price is not adjusted.

4. The technique of depersonalization

Before opening the door to commercial visits, you should have time to get the house ready. When it comes to decoration and furniture, you have to be especially careful. In fact, the best thing is to show the house empty or with very few elements to facilitate the transit and that the house seems bigger. If you cannot keep your belongings in another place, at least, remove from view the most personal memories or the most voluminous ornamental details. It is important that the space be as neutral as possible so that it fits with the largest number of buyer profiles.

5. Repair possible damages

A hand of white paint will not only bring brightness and luminosity, but will help to unify the color and disguise the damage. If there is any broken tile in the bathroom or moisture stains, it is time to fix it. And it does not hurt to change the silicone of the shower and the sink, as well as to repair any tap that does not work properly. Pay attention to the doors and windows, which close and open effortlessly. Keep in mind that the buyer will review everything.

6. Offers an exquisite treatment to visitors

People who visit your home with the intention of buying it should feel comfortable. The first impression has a decisive weight, so you must stimulate your imagination to visualize inhabiting the property you want to detach. We have already made it clear that the visual factor is relevant, but so is the olfactory factor. A floral or citrus air freshener that is not too strong causes good vibrations, as does the smell of fresh coffee. Also try that the temperature is pleasant.

7. Let yourself be helped by professionals

To attend to the visit, you must have plenty of free time. Not adjusting to the schedule demanded by buyers to see the house fades the opportunity to sell it quickly. Leaving the sale in the hands of a real estate agency frees us from many worries. In addition, these professionals can advise us on which is the best selling price, the qualities of the floor that must be highlighted or the documentation that we must collect. Some agencies even provide home staging services to aesthetically adapt our house for sale.


The current buyer is demanding and will ask you many questions. Some of them will even have to justify them by providing official documents. Thus, the surface of the house will have to be verified through the Cadastre tab. On the other hand, a simple note from the Property Registry will indicate to the buyer if there is any outstanding debt on the property. You will also have to have the energy certificate, which includes the qualification of the property.
As for the community of owners, it is very likely that the buyer wants to know if you are aware of the payment of the fees. For this, you will have to ask the president or administrator for the corresponding certificate. Also, keep the latest receipts that prove that the payment of the IBI and the urban waste rate has been settled.

Keys to success on Instagram

Instagram is the social network par excellence where users use it to upload their best photos, in which all of us who have it become momentarily photographers, to upload the perfect photo. It is a network in which its essence is entertainment, although due to the new updates, we can see how it is entering the “commercial vein” (now you can put in a single click, a link to the web itself). In this post we will talk about what are the keys to succeed on Instagram buyiglikes buy ig likes.
To use Instagram for a company, the ideal would be to use photos of everyday things, such as: motivating phrases, funny photos …, as well as photos of your business. So you can achieve a harmony between your photos without looking like chaos.

Keys to success on Instagram:

Link your social networks.
It is a very important thing to have your accounts linked to each other in this way you can attract your followers from one social network to another and thus create more traffic. At the moment the networks with which you can link Instagram are Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. The use of hashtags # is also important.
The hashtags
Each and every one of the users of a social network have used the # , but do you really know how to use them? This will have to do with the number of followers you have. Instagram renews its hashtags daily, so you have to look at which are the most related to your company. Do not abuse the # many could ruin your great message and your photo.
Loyalty to followers
It is an arduous task to achieve, but we must try that our followers are in each publication and when buying the product.
Create feelings
We must associate the feeling to our brand and thus in this way the followers themselves will recommend our products or services.
Events and contests.
Instagram is a social network where users actively participate in it, create events and contests so that your followers are active with your account. In addition to creating them, you must also participate in them to see how they work. In the events and contests that you are going to carry out you have to have your own strategy, rules and so on, and give your followers an interesting reward.
These are the keys to success on Instagram remember also that the content you upload, the photos and descriptions of these, should be consistent with your company Instagram . In short, take care of the image of your social networks because there you can win many offers to purchase your service or product.